How to Keep a Gaming Laptop in Good Condition? 

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How to keep a gaming laptop in good condition? Gaming laptops can be expensive, and they’re also not meant to last forever. They require some special care and maintenance to ensure that they don’t overheat or run out of battery too quickly. Here are three tips you can use to keep your gaming laptop in the best condition possible so that you can have a smooth gaming experience for years to come.

Avoid overheating

Although many of us find laptops a convenient and practical way to game, these smaller machines have their own set of risks that are unique to computers with built-in keyboards. They also run hotter than your regular desktop PC. A gaming laptop is similar to a gaming desktop in its capability for games and gameplay, but it’s not quite as strong as most other machines out there. That makes taking care of a gaming laptop even more important than keeping up with your everyday computer. If you really want a machine that’s designed to take stress, then building one yourself is likely going to be your best bet.

However, if you don’t feel like getting into all that trouble, here are some tips on how to take care of a gaming laptop .The best way to keep your laptop in top condition is to use it often. When your computer sits around for long periods of time without being used, there are risks for overheating and other damage. And remember: If you really want your laptop to be an effective gaming machine, then it needs plenty of games installed and plenty of play time with those games. It might seem like an obvious thing to do, but turning off your laptop when you aren’t using it can save a lot of energy and stress on your machine. Just closing out programs and minimizing screen brightness will also help protect your laptop from unnecessary wear and tear

Using Cooling Pads & vents

How to keep a gaming laptop in good condition? Gaming laptops can be expensive, and they’re also not meant to last forever.To keep your laptop in top condition, it’s important to keep it cool. As a gaming laptop, your machine may be running at its limit and thus will heat up quickly. Use a cooling pad to help regulate temperature and also avoid placing your laptop on soft surfaces that could increase heat build-up.

Most laptops also have heating or cooling vents on either side of their display screens; these vents can become blocked when you place the laptop on soft surfaces like beds or sofa cushions, so ensure they can breathe freely when you’re gaming at home. However, if you have an external monitor attached, there is usually a greater heat dissipation effect—but take care that your screen does not overheat. You should always use both hands to lift your laptop and make sure that air circulates around it by never placing it on any surface for too long. Also remember to check how hot your laptop feels before turning it off—it might need another minute or two for things to cool down completely.

Using Backpack

The main benefit of a backpack is that it allows you to carry your laptop easily and comfortably. The shoulder straps allow for an easy carrying option, and if you have a heavy laptop, it will take some of that weight off your back. A backpack also has plenty of room for your other items like charging cables, books or papers, headphones, etc. So when choosing a carrying case for your gaming laptop, consider a backpack.

They are convenient, functional and affordable. If you are looking for one specifically designed for gaming laptops, then take a look at something from Case Logic. They offer many options that are sure to meet your needs as well as keep your laptop safe from harm. Their most popular backpack is their 15.6 Classic Backpack which has padded shoulder straps,  a laptop compartment and plenty of pockets for all of your other items.

They also have more than just backpacks; they have messenger bags , duffel bags , briefcases , totes , sling bags , laptop sleeves , etc., so you can find exactly what you need!

When taking care of your gaming laptop, you should protect it with proper carrying cases or bags to prevent any damage or scratches. Take care of your laptops by keeping them in good condition with proper protection cases!

The bag you keep the laptop inside plays a crucial part in ensuring it is safe. Laptop bags consist of an enclosed laptop compartment with padding that shields your laptop from scratches and damage.

Many laptop bags come with a waterproof nylon fabric which makes it difficult for water and dust to touch your laptop gaming device. Laptop bags aren’t expensive and come in various sizes to fit laptops of every size.

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Routine clean up

Clean up routinely. You can improve your performance by cleaning out your computer every once in some time. Remove all temporary files such as browser cookies, browser files, recycling bins and everything else that is causing chaos. Also, make sure your notebook is free of dust. Make use of canned air once every between three and six months to stop dust from damaging your PC’s components.

Conduct diagnostic scans

Gaming laptops are prone to infections like malware, adware and other malware that can use up a significant amount of usable memory and even destroy the operating system. Do everything you can to protect your system by identifying the infections and then removing them promptly. There is a variety of antivirus software applications and anti-malware software to choose from.

System Monitoring

The system is monitored: laptops are complete with unneeded start-up programs as well as other tools that we rarely use. The extra clutter could cause a significant hiccup on PC performance. Make sure that these programs be only active when necessary and shut down any background programs. Make sure that you keep drivers and Windows up to date. Be aware of the CPU, particularly when it is overclocked to ensure that it isn’t reaching dangerous temperatures.

Using window defender

Microsoft Windows comes with its own free antivirus program, called Windows Defender. It guards your PC against malware threats, such as malware, spyware and suspicious applications.

Maintaining Windows Defender up to date gives you the most recent features and most recent security updates as they become available. This will provide gamers with continuous 24/7 protection from harmful software-related threats.

If you are planning to use public Wi-Fi, make sure you use the Virtual Private Network (VPN) like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, or IPVanish, to safeguard your laptop from attacks. VPN services guard your data by encryption and sending it to the server outside the local network.

Public WIFI hotspots, like those in hotels, coffee shops, and airports, attract hackers because they provide plenty of information that hackers could use to attack your system.

This is the reason why incidents of cyber-attacks have increased in recent years.

Screen protector

Installing screen protectors and maintaining a clean screen is a great method to shield your laptop’s screen from scratches and smudges and keyboard marks (created by the lid shut).

Plastic screen protectors and Tempered glass are two of the most popular. People tend to prefer tempered glass screen protectors over plastic ones because they are less susceptible to scratches and also cover the entire screen. However, they’re more costly.

Cleaning the screen, you should always consult the manual for your laptop to make sure that you’re using recommended cleaning materials and cleaning chemicals that will not harm the screen.

Using external Keyboard and Mouse

This doesn’t just prolong the life of your gaming laptop, it also enhances the gaming experience and ergonomics. The shooting, aiming and moving characters in games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Far Cry is much easier when using an external mouse as opposed to using an electronic touchpad.

In comparison to keyboards built into the laptop, external gaming keyboards are much easier and less expensive to replace if they break down. Additionally, you do not have to fret about finding the right part that’s compatible with your particular model, and for older gaming laptops is difficult to locate.

Deleting Clutter & Organizing Files

As time passes your laptop will accumulate lots of files that you don’t require. This includes temporary files created through your laptop, files deleted from your recycle bin, browser cookies, software that you have installed, but do not is any longer in use, etc.

The chaos can slow down the performance of your laptop gaming and clogs your disk space and may cause it to be difficult locate the items you’re seeking. By emptying your recycle bin, eliminating unnecessary programs, and eliminating the browser’s cookies, you’ll help to improve the performance of your laptop.

Make sure to put important files like games, videos, images, downloads and documents into folders that make it easier to locate files later. It is also helpful to defragment your computer’s storage device frequently and clear the registry. It is possible to do this by following the instructions on the following video.

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Updating Software & Driver Regularly

In addition to maintaining your antivirus software up-to-date, you should update your system and any third-party software running within your gaming computer. The term “third-party” refers to software that’s and is not part of your operating system (OS).

Regular updates to drivers and software are necessary to correct glitches and bugs. Sometimes, helpful new features are also added in software updates.

Windows Update feature automatically updates all of the driver and system software installed on your PC. To manage software updates and driver updates in Windows 10

Click on the Start button and then navigate to Settings> Update & Security. 

Update and Security> Windows Update.

Third-party drivers and software can be automatically updated or manually, depending upon the program.

Uninstall Software Bloatware

New gaming laptops often include additional software from the company that manufactures them. While some programs can be beneficial, like Microsoft Office, others, such as adware programs, are not needed.

Deleting these unwanted software (bloatware) lets you free the disk space in addition to memory on your laptop gaming device, thereby increasing performance. Bloatware can be removed by removing it from Windows 10 Control panel.

To open the Control Panel you need to click the Window Search Bar type in “Control Panel” then press Enter.

Stop Unnecessary Startup Programs

Apart from uninstalling bloatware, you should stop any programs that you don’t frequently use from running when they are at Startup. They can consume plenty of resources, including memory and CPU, particularly when they run automated scans that run in the background.

This will not just make your computer slower, but it can also result in excessive heat while gaming or performing task that requires a lot of hardware.

You can shut down the startup program, application and processes through in the Windows Task Manager. To launch the task manager, you can use this keys shortcut “Ctrl + Shift+ Esc”.

Under the Startup tab, you’ll see the list of programs that start.

Right-click on the application you’d like to quit to open a pop-up menu. Select to turn off.

Backup Files

How to keep a gaming laptop in good condition? Gaming laptops can be expensive, and they’re also not meant to last forever. You can lose all your data on your gaming laptop due to an issue with your hardware, a software glitch, or if a hacker takes the data. It could be impossible to retrieve important data like your progress in your game profile, player profiles, irreplaceable photographs or even the entire semester’s worth of work.

Regular backups of your data is a great way to ensure that you don’t lose important files if an unexpected event occurs on your laptop gaming.

Keeping lid closed when Laptop not being used

How to keep a gaming laptop in good condition? Gaming laptops can be expensive, and they’re also not meant to last forever. When dust, crumbs, and liquids can enter the keyboard’s spaces, they can cause your keys to become sticky when you press them or stop working.

In addition spilling drinks, such as coffee onto your gaming laptop could trigger a short-circuit when water gets into the motherboard. The laptop could become not usable.

The lid of your gaming laptop shut when you’re not using it will help prevent dust from getting on the laptop’s keyboard or touchpad as well as the speaker outlets. Also it prevents food participants and spill entering to the laptop and cause damage to it.

Avoid extreme hot or cold environment

The best way to take care of your gaming laptop is also making sure that it is not exposed to extreme cold or hot temperatures. 10-35 degrees Celsius (50-95 degree F) can be the best temperature to be in gaming laptops.

Temperatures that are hot, like the ones experienced during summer heat, can lead to your laptop’s gaming system overheating. It is not just bad for performance, but also for the hardware. Overheating can be the main reason for the premature failure of hardware in many electronic devices.

Extremely cold temperatures On the other hand make for a perfect setting for condensation to take place. The condensation process causes tiny droplets to appear in the interior as well as on the outside of your laptop. This could result in short-circuiting.

As an example, you don’t want to put you laptop behind in the cold damp basement. Maintaining a well-ventilated room and altering the thermostat settings in your office or home are just a few methods you can keep your temperatures in check.

Avoid Dropping Your Laptop

Manufacturers design most gaming laptop chassis from metal or plastic. They aim to withstand the stress of everyday life, including small bends, tension, and twists. But, they are not able to stand up to the force of a major falling.

The force of a large fall can break the display, scratch and break the casing or cause internal components to break. Depending on the damaged part, your gaming laptop may become unusable, or its appearance may change.

It is crucial to take care when handling your laptop and make sure you don’t place it on surfaces that can be slippery. 
While working or gaming, place your laptop a few inches from the edges of your desk. This reduces the risk of it falling or slipping.

Switch off gaming laptop when not in use

How to keep a gaming laptop in good condition? Gaming laptops can be expensive, and they’re also not meant to last forever. This is a simple fact. Turning off your computer in order to give it some “downtime” is an excellent method to maintain your gaming laptop. The moment you shut down your laptop, it allows it to cool down. This means components like the cooling fans won’t need to spin unnecessarily.

Plug Laptop into a surge Protector

Power surges are sudden spikes of electrical current. They last for less than a second; however, within this time, they can cause damage to electrical appliances connected to power outlets.

While laptops’ power supply can provide some protection against small power surges. However, it’s possible for surges of high magnitude, like those caused by lightning or other sources, to damage your gaming laptop. Most of the time, it’s the power supply is damaged and requires replacement.

However, experts recommend installing a surge protector. This precaution safeguards not only your gaming laptop but also other electronic devices.

Surge protectors limit electrical voltage supplied to devices, reducing voltages exceeding a set threshold to ground.

You can use a surge protector for your power strip, which connects directly to your electrical outlet. Alternatively, you can opt for a complete surge protector that manages all electronic devices in your home.

Installing whole-house surge protectors can be slightly more difficult because they require a connection to the meter box.


How to keep a gaming laptop in good condition? By following these basic maintenance guidelines and general tips, you can ensure your gaming laptop’s health and efficiency. You may likewise consider redesigning your parts now and again. This will guarantee you’re keeping up with further developed execution without spending a fortune on a shiny new Laptop.

The care you give to your gaming laptop involves being aware of your usage habits. Additionally, it includes addressing any software or hardware issues. The tips listed given above will allow you to maintain your gaming laptop in order that it lasts longer.

If you have any questions about taking care of a gaming laptop, please let us know. Additionally, if you have any suggestions or ideas for making laptops better for gaming purposes, we welcome your input! We would love to hear from you! Also, check back soon for our next tip about taking care of a gaming laptop!

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