How to Boot Lenovo Laptop in Safe Mode?

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How to Boot Lenovo Laptop in Safe Mode? Lenovo laptops are known for their advanced features and high performance, but sometimes the constant updates and changes to the system can cause issues. If you’re experiencing slow loading times or buggy behavior, the first thing you should do is restart your laptop in safe mode so that you can check if it’s just an issue with your software, or something more serious. Booting your Lenovo laptop in safe mode will allow you to continue using your device while removing any problems with third-party programs or Windows settings that could be causing these issues. Here’s How to Boot Your Lenovo Laptop in Safe Mode..

Steps to start your system in safe mode

Following are some methods explaining how to Boot Lenovo Laptop in Safe Mode.

Using F8 Key: How to Boot Lenovo Laptop in Safe Mode?

Press and hold the F8 key while restarting your laptop. This will bring up the Advanced boot options window. Choose Safe mode with the networking option and press Enter key. If you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system, press Shift + F8 keys at once. You will see a different Advanced boot options window. Choose the Disable driver signature enforcement option using the arrow keys and hit the enter button. You are now successfully booted into safe mode on your Lenovo laptop computer. Once you are booted into safe mode, you can run a virus scan on your PC through anti-virus software installed on your PC or use the System Restore utility from Windows Control Panel to restore your system to a date before the virus attack occurred.

Sometimes, due to different reasons, Windows 7 may get into a state where it loads too slowly and becomes unresponsive. In such situations, holding down the F8 key while booting your computer can help you enter into safe mode. For example, if your laptop or desktop computer is taking a long time to load with the Windows logo appearing and disappearing many times, hold down the F8 key as soon as you see the Windows logo on the screen. This will immediately load the Windows operating system with advanced options so that you can access safe mode easily. So what does a safe mode do? When you start your PC or laptop in safe mode, only a minimal set of drivers and applications are loaded. The entire system is set up without loading other programs or hardware devices that may be causing problems.

This is the easiest and quickest method to go in safe mode. In this way all you need do is turn your laptop on and press the F8 button immediately when it appears that the Windows loading screen pops up.

The trick to successfully implementing this technique is to speed up. If your laptop is booting up, and you do not get the chance to hit the button, you’ll need be able to reboot it.

Choose Troubleshoot -> Advanced options -> Start-up Settings

How to Boot Lenovo Laptop in Safe Mode? Start-up Settings offers several options for troubleshooting and starting your computer in Safe Mode. To boot your Lenovo laptop into safe mode, you’ll need to first click Restart and then hold down F8 until Advanced Start-up shows up on your screen. Then, select Safe Mode with Networking or Safe Mode with Command Prompt from that list. (If you don’t see either option, then try F5.) If you’re unable to access Start-up Settings, restart your Lenovo laptop while holding down Shift+F10; when Windows starts again, press Enter. In Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and open devmgmt.msc. This will open Device Manager where you can choose Disable for any devices that have an exclamation point next to them.

Clicking Enable Safe Mode option and then restart your PC

Once you enter into Safe Mode, you will see a message from your operating system (Windows is Loading Files…) and then a screen that says: Safe Mode. Press F8 for Advanced Start-up Options. This is where things get more complicated for most users since the F8 key may not be working on your laptop. If it doesn’t work try Fn + F8 or use Volume Up/Down keys. If nothing works, restart your laptop again and again until you can press F8. When everything goes well, you should see a menu with three options – Safe Mode, Enable VGA mode, and Enable Low-Resolution Video (640×480). Choose one of them using the arrow keys on your keyboard and press Enter. That’s all! You have successfully booted into safe mode on your Lenovo laptop!

Using Shift Restart: How to Boot Lenovo Laptop in Safe Mode?

Press the “Windows” and “X” buttons together. After this press “Shift” and restart the PC.  A screen will be displayed with three options Continue, troubleshoot, and Turn Off Your PC. You need to select troubleshoot. Then go into advanced options. After this select Start-up settings and click Restart. After restart you will be able to select safe mode.

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Using Msconfig on the Run Command Window

You can try this method if didn’t press F8 while your laptop was booting up. Click and press “Windows” and “R” keys simultaneously. This is going to open “Run” command window, and you’ll be able to see the text box. In the text box,  type “msconfig” in bar. When you click “Enter,” you’ll be taken to another page with a number of boot options. Click your cursor over the bootup menu, and then click on the safe mode you’re seeking. After that, restart your laptop. When it is booted the computer is in secure mode.

Using Settings App for How to Boot Lenovo Laptop in Safe Mode?

By pressing Windows key + Open the Settings app. After this click Update & Security and then Recovery. Underneath this page there is “Advanced start-up”. Click “Restart now” after that. Your computer will restart with Choose an option screen. After this click “Troubleshoot” and “Advanced options”.  Select Start-up Settings and then click Restart. You will be given some start-up options when your computer backs up. To start your computer in Safe Mode press 4 without internet access. To start with internet access, press 5.

Using the Power icon

When you are signed in, click the Windows icon in the bottom-left corner.  Hold down the Shift key, after this click the Power icon, then click Restart. Your computer will restart and open to a blue screen with the title Choose an option. Select Troubleshoot, and then click Advanced options.  Click Start-up Settings, and then Restart. Your laptop will turn off and on again. There will be a few options once the screen comes back. To start your laptop in Safe mode press 4. In case you want to start with internet access press 5.

Holding down the power button

If you can’t boot into Windows normally, the following method can be used. To turn it on, press the power button. When something appears on the screen i-e a logo hold down the power button until the PC turns off. After doing so two more times turn on the PC. While it is restarting at the bottom of the screen words Preparing Automatic Repair will appear. Eventually, the Choose and Options screen will be displayed after going through this process. Select Troubleshoot, Advanced options, and then Start-up Settings. When prompted, click Restart. When the computer turns back on, To access safe mode without internet access press the number 4, and to enter safe mode with internet access press key 5 from a keyboard.

Using System Configuration tool: How to Boot Lenovo Laptop in Safe Mode?

You can boot to safe mode from the System Configuration tool after you can launch Windows normally. After clicking Windows start menu type msconfig and click open. After that select the Boot tab check Safe Boot and click OK.  You will be prompted to restart your computer to apply those changes.

You will boot into safe mode after you click Restart.  After applying this method Windows will start in Safe mode every time until changes are undone.

Start Safe Mode from the login screen

You can enter Safe Mode from the login screen. Hold down the Shift key from the keyboard. At the bottom right of the screen, there is a power button. Click the power button while holding down the Shift key. Then select Restart. WinRE screen will be displayed. Follow the following steps after that.

 Click Troubleshoot -> Advanced options->Start-up Settings-> Restart

The computer will restart after that and a screen opens which will show different start-up options. To access safe mode without internet access press the number 4 and to enter safe mode with internet access press key 5 from the keyboard. A screen showing a lot of different start-up options open after your computer is restarted. You can enter safe mode from the login screen.

Using command prompt: How to Boot Lenovo Laptop in Safe Mode?

To open the Run dialog box press Windows + R. Then open the Command prompt by typing cmd in the run box. Type shutdown.exe /r /o command in the command prompt window then press Enter.

A message will be displayed with the text “You’ll be signed out in less than a minute. Wait for your PC to restart”. Go to Troubleshoot ->Start-up Setting-> Restart in WinRE

To boot your PC, Choose safe mode.

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In this article, we studied different methods to learn how to boot a Lenovo laptop in safe mode.

There are many occasions when you’ll have to start the Lenovo using safe mode, and that’s perfectly appropriate. There are five methods for doing this.  If one method isn’t working, test the other options. We’re certain you’ll manage to get the job done.

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